CASES A Classic Tour debuted in Beijing.

A Classic Tour debuted in Beijing.

Jackie Cheung, god of singing, an undisputable iconic figure in Chinese pop culture. Jackie Cheung, A Classic Tour debuted from October 21 - 23 in Beijing.

In this tour, Jackie, the god of singing, comes back and challenges the 360 degree LED-cladded stage, tohether with 32 person band and orchestra,30 professional dancers and stunt men. Jackie brought to us 40 of his classic hits with fast-changing background and top-notch staging productions. 

Kudos of god of singing to Jackie because he has a crazy heart for music. All classics, a figure with guinness world record. Jackie comes back and overperforms fans' 5 year expectation with "Jackie Cheung, A Classic Tour. One of the greatest Chinese music fest, a perennial classic!